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Life Coaching/ Mentorship

Making a commitment to find a Life Coach is a powerful INVESTMENT in your SELF, your FUTURE and for everyone around you. It is in the interest of all us that we are living in alignment with ‘who we are’, connected to our truth, purpose and sharing our gifts. When connected in this way, life is accompanied by a sense of ease, joy and fulfillment, and life naturally flows with abundance, opportunity and success.

A Life Coach or Mentor is a professional who can support you to make the changes needed for creating a life of purpose and fulfillment. It may be that you have entered a significant juncture on your life’s path, one in which you reach a sudden and strong awareness of something needing to change in the way you orientate within your personal and/or work life. This juncture may present as a feeling of living a life which is somehow smaller than you could or should be living, where time is ticking by and your big dreams remain unrealised. It may be you have achieved many of your life goals, of financial financial prosperity and career success, yet you feel lack-luster, unfulfilled, and energetically depleted.

Working with a Life Coach provides a powerful opportunity to take a fresh look and re-establish new relationships with your self, your purpose, your work, with others and the wider world. This work will help you harness the rocket fuel that is needed to change track and succeed.

Jess Lakin’s Coaching Practice …

developed organically out of 20 years of professional experience as a Clinical Psychologist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Holistic Practitioner. Supporting hundreds of clients over this time frame, Jess has cultivated a deep insight into the human journey of transformation. It is on the basis of this experience on which she has established her Coaching Practice.

Jess bring a high degree of professionalism, and a unique and positive approach. She shares in the joy of this journey with her clients, offers unwavering support, and a firm belief in their potential and unfolding transformation. Her innate intuition and keen insight, means her clients connect to the heart of their issue, and start to see real change quickly.

Her Coaching Practice is guided by the following core principles:


Recognises the individual as inherently ‘whole’ where every aspect of life is in connection with each other. It recognizes that thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes can affect biological functioning. Similarly, diet, posture, the way we move, our relationships and the environment affect our mental state. Jess’ Coaching practice pays attention to and works with the delicate interconnectedness of physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual experiences to support overall well-being.

Awareness Orientated:

Jess understands that inherent in each of us is an inner knowing or wisdom, which when accessed will guide us towards health, well-being and transformation. Contrary to a ‘need to fix’ perspective which advocates the use of strategies or offers advice, Jess orientates her practice towards guiding individuals to their inner wisdom through practices of compassionate self-awareness, inner listening and identifying resources. This approach is a highly effective pathway of self-empowerment.


Jess’ Coaching is a convergence psychological and spiritual approaches arising from Western scientific study and Eastern healing modalities. Well versed in the challenges experienced within the modern world, and the benefits and limitations of modern psychological approaches, she compliments this foundational understanding with intuitive and energetic approaches. Jess’ integrative approach quickly gets to the heart of the issue and offers individually tailored creative, accessible and positive packages of care. She draws on practices from the field of Coaching, Psychology, Somatic Psychology, Mindfulness, Meditation, Yogic Practice and Philosophy, Energy Healing Modalities (Sound Healing and Reiki).


The most effective learning comes through doing and experiencing for ourselves. For this reason, Jess incorporates a strong element of experiential practice throughout her work. Her clients learn supportive meditative and breath practices which contribute to their transformation and overall health and well-being.

Jess Specializes in:

women’s wellbeing and empowerment

navigating life transitions

parent coaching

youth issues

finding purpose

manifesting new business or project

navigating career/vocational changes

interview/exam success

healthy mind for mental clarity, emotional balance & inner peace

establishing life balance to reduce chronic stress


Based in Los Angeles, Jess offers face to face sessions locally, and on-line sessions for long-distance and international clients.

The first step on this journey is finding the right Coach for you. Jess offers a free ‘discovery session’ to new clients interested to know more about her practice. To book this session please contact her directly.