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Mothertree - Child, Parent & Woman

Mothertree Workshops and Resources offer a range of services for women, parents/carers, children and teens. At its heart is the intention to cultivate conscious and compassionate practices, provide nurturing spaces, and build community to support women, children, families, schools and communities by sharing mind/body holistic practices from the fields of yoga, meditation & breath awareness.

Women’s Circles

Mothertree Women’s Circles offer a nurturing and sacred space for women to come together, reclaim their connection, use their voices, be heard and seen. These circles serve as a space for collective ceremony, sharing in mantra, affirmation, meditation and meditative movement practices, and focus on setting intentions, releasing what no longer serves, connecting to the inner landscape and bringing light to areas of challenge or darkness. Connecting and supporting each other in the way is deeply fulfilling and enriching, and is essential to steer us through the challenges of our modern times which can so often be characterized by isolation, fear and competition.

Child & Teen Yoga

Building a practice of inner listening, and mind/body awareness, offers a helpful foundation for youngsters to support life-long physical, mental and emotional well-being, and may contribute towards healthy relationships with self and others.

Child/Teen Yoga and Meditation Packages are designed to provide a developmentally appropriate introductory foundation to yogic practices including asana (posture), breath practices & meditations. Depending on presenting need, these individually tailored packages can support emotion regulation, building confidence, focus, self-awareness, bodily awareness, the ability to self-soothe & relaxation.

Combined with arts and crafts activities, a variety of practices are shared across 5 sessions, and the child/teen works to create his/her own resource folder which will support them into the future. Working across a series of sessions in this way, gives necessary time to build familiarity and confidence with the practices. Sessions are arranged in close conjunction with parents, and incorporate shared child/parent participation and regular reviews.

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching offers individually tailored focussed support for parents seeking breathing space and new perspectives. This work supports parents to establish a new relationship with their role as parent and to bring more harmony into their family. Some may seek out this support to explore a challenging behavior or a particular issue that is arising within a child or another person with the family.

Coaching as opposed to therapy or advice, holds at its heart a self-exploratory approach where change is initiated in the parent through a process of inner enquiry, cultivating compassionate awareness and identifying resources. So in this work the focus steers away from providing solutions and advice. Instead through reflective practices, the parent is supported to bring new awareness, which is often accompanied by a sense of spaciousness, and enables resources and new approaches to be generated from within.

Parent Groups

Mothertree Parenting Groups provide space for parents and carers to come together, take a breath, reconnect and recharge. The groups address common parent challenges, such as re-establishing life balance and self-care, managing the emotional ups and downs, school and home-based issues.

Sharing holistic, mind-body and intuitive practices, of yoga, meditation, breath, and through engaging in interactive and creative activities, participants leave with a toolbox of helpful resources which can be shared with their children and partners. Working across a series of sessions gives time and support for participants to apply these practices into their daily lives. The opportunity to reflect and share within the group creates a powerful vehicle for support, healing and transformation.

This work is deeply empowering, enabling participants to embrace new perspectives on what may have been entrenched situations, and prompting the initiation of new approaches. A further outcome is the creating of supportive and nurturing community networks and resources.

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