Jess has been a guiding light for me, as she facilitates a space for me to come to my own clarity of what I want in my life and provides tools for me to manifest it all.

I now know that the time and money that I dedicate to my sessions with Jess is an investment in myself, and the world around me gets to benefit from my growth. I feel privileged to have access to her as one of my teachers.
— WR
Jess is compassionate, professional, kind and has a wonderful ability to communicate information easily. Her background as a psychologist is also a boon, though she does not provide traditional therapy sessions. There is so much freedom working with Jess.
— Katerina
Working with Jess helped me find my own creative spark and inspired me to start my own business. For years I happily helped others with their own projects. However, I was really wishing to be clear on what I wanted for myself.

I started attending her yoga and meditation classes regularly, which she usually started by her suggestion of making an intention. At first I didn’t think much of it, until a few months had passed and I looked back to see my own progress of feeling strong physically and spiritually.

I then began coaching sessions with Jess, which really helped me to find my own voice and my own vision.
— KG
Jess is a truly gifted and insightful teacher and yogini. She has a wonderful way of understanding where you are at and helping you to get to a more grounded place. I would highly recommend any classes or coaching she offers.
— Ingrid Steinberg
Jess is a master teacher. Whether you are enjoying a sound bath, yoga class or coaching session you will be transformed into blissful awareness.
— Deanna E
Jess’ parenting program has been an exceptionally meaningful experience for me. She is a gentle wise guide who understands the complex emotions and challenges of parenting. I am so grateful for her nonjudgmental yet straight forward approach. I strongly recommend both Jess’ parenting class and her sound immersions to anyone seeking a healthy space for reflection, growth and support.
— Robin Kopple
Jess is an amazing soul with an incredible ability to listen and hear you. Her yoga classes are like a walk through a secret garden on a warm day; shady, soothing, energy-giving, life-affirming. They have been exceptional for someone like me who as soon as someone says ‘empty your mind,’ uses it as a cue to crowd my mind with things I have to do. Jess never says that and manages to take me there. Grateful for her on many levels. And considering you never move further than confines of a yoga mat, I always get an incredible workout.
— Celine Teo-Blockey
Jess is an incredible coach, teacher and healer. Sessions with her have felt like seeing the lighthouse. She is compassionate and intuitive and I am forever grateful for our sessions during times when I have literally felt ‘stuck’. Her guidance has helped me to take action steps leading to positive opportunities coming into fruition. I am forever grateful to her and could’t speak highly enough of her to anyone in need of guidance and support.
— Karina Gian Atma
The protection, nourishment, and support I received from one sound healing session with Jess literally stayed with me across oceans. The power of her energy and pure hearted intention is such that I was able to draw strength and peace from it for weeks afterwards, even as I navigated the huge life transition of moving to another country.

She is patient, compassionate, and grounded- working with Jess is like being wrapped in a warm, supportive blanket. Her energy infuses the vibrations of sound and the effects are immediate: I noticed parts of my body deeply relax and open up for the first time in weeks during the session, and afterwards walked away with a serene sense of renewed clarity. I highly, sincerely recommend Jess. You will leave feeling radiant.
— Sara Rosenthal