Jess Lakin


Jess Lakin is a gifted and dynamic life coach, teacher and healer known for her intuitive and compassionate approach. Holding a UK Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (D.Clin.Psy, BSc), she developed an extensive understanding in the study of human development and psychology. She worked within UK child and family mental health services as a Clinical Psychologist for 15 years, which provided an exceptional foundation in clinical therapeutic experience.

Moving to California in 2014 initiated a powerful journey of personal transformation and a diversion away from her career as a Clinical Psychologist. It was serendipity that initially lead her to yoga and meditation. The personal benefits she experienced from her own practice immediately sparked her interest and has fueled an intensive program of personal training. She qualified as a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher in 2016 and her on-going studies extend broadly into consciousness practices of the body, heart and mind, including Buddhist Psychology, Yoga & Meditation, Sound Healing, Reiki, Indigenous & Shamanic teachings, and teachings on the Divine Feminine.

The strength of Jess’ coaching practice shines through in her professionalism, positivity, creativity and pragmatism. Her extensive experience as a Clinical Psychologist and innate intuitive ability enables her to quickly help her clients get to the heart of the issue. She expertly weaves individually tailored packages which integrate approaches drawn from scientific study and experiential practices.

Her primary mission is to offer pathways to healing, integration and self-empowerment. Believing deeply in the untapped potential of each person, Jess’s work focusses on unlocking the inner wisdom, creativity and inner resources that each of us embody to navigate towards personal, collective and environmental well-being. It is her honor to share this work, and her joy to witness the transformative life-changes that arise for her clients, their families and communities.


Jess Lakin

(D.Clin.Psy-UK, BSc-UK, IKYTA)

Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Reiki & Sound Practitioner, Founder of Mothertree Parenting

UK Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy). Bsc Honors Psychology with Clinical Psychology . Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor (Yoga Alliance, IKYTA). Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga Instructor. Integrative Shakti Reiki Practitioner. Sound Practitioner (Phase 1 & 2) Gong Avatar Academy. Energy Medicine Professional Association

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Jess has been a guiding light for me, as she facilitates a space for me to come to my own clarity of what I want in my life and provides tools for me to manifest it all.

I now know that the time and money that I dedicate to my sessions with Jess is an investment in myself, and the world around me gets to benefit from my growth. I feel privileged to have access to her as one of my teachers.
— WR
Jess is compassionate, professional, kind and has a wonderful ability to communicate information easily. Her background as a psychologist is also a boon, though she does not provide traditional therapy sessions. There is so much freedom working with Jess.
— Katerina
Working with Jess helped me find my own creative spark and inspired me to start my own business. For years I happily helped others with their own projects. However, I was really wishing to be clear on what I wanted for myself.

I started attending her yoga and meditation classes regularly, which she usually started by her suggestion of making an intention. At first I didn’t think much of it, until a few months had passed and I looked back to see my own progress of feeling strong physically and spiritually.

I then began coaching sessions with Jess, which really helped me to find my own voice and my own vision.
— KG
Jess is a truly gifted and insightful teacher and yogini. She has a wonderful way of understanding where you are at and helping you to get to a more grounded place. I would highly recommend any classes or coaching she offers.
— Ingrid Steinberg
Jess is a master teacher. Whether you are enjoying a sound bath, yoga class or coaching session you will be transformed into blissful awareness.
— Deanna E
Jess’ parenting program has been an exceptionally meaningful experience for me. She is a gentle wise guide who understands the complex emotions and challenges of parenting. I am so grateful for her nonjudgmental yet straight forward approach. I strongly recommend both Jess’ parenting class and her sound immersions to anyone seeking a healthy space for reflection, growth and support.
— Robin Kopple
Jess is an amazing soul with an incredible ability to listen and hear you. Her yoga classes are like a walk through a secret garden on a warm day; shady, soothing, energy-giving, life-affirming. They have been exceptional for someone like me who as soon as someone says ‘empty your mind,’ uses it as a cue to crowd my mind with things I have to do. Jess never says that and manages to take me there. Grateful for her on many levels. And considering you never move further than confines of a yoga mat, I always get an incredible workout.
— Celine Teo-Blockey
Jess is an incredible coach, teacher and healer. Sessions with her have felt like seeing the lighthouse. She is compassionate and intuitive and I am forever grateful for our sessions during times when I have literally felt ‘stuck’. Her guidance has helped me to take action steps leading to positive opportunities coming into fruition. I am forever grateful to her and could’t speak highly enough of her to anyone in need of guidance and support.
— Karina Gian Atma
The protection, nourishment, and support I received from one sound healing session with Jess literally stayed with me across oceans. The power of her energy and pure hearted intention is such that I was able to draw strength and peace from it for weeks afterwards, even as I navigated the huge life transition of moving to another country.

She is patient, compassionate, and grounded- working with Jess is like being wrapped in a warm, supportive blanket. Her energy infuses the vibrations of sound and the effects are immediate: I noticed parts of my body deeply relax and open up for the first time in weeks during the session, and afterwards walked away with a serene sense of renewed clarity. I highly, sincerely recommend Jess. You will leave feeling radiant.
— Sara Rosenthal