Jess Lakin

Space for reflection, growth and support

A Professional Life Coach Service bringing a refreshing perspective and unique skill-set. A convergence of yogic teachings and practices alongside a keen understanding of psychology, human development & modern therapeutic approaches.


Practices for body, mind and soul

Meditations through movement, breath, sound and silence to promote clarity, inner calm and confident action.


Transform through inspiration

A non-judgmental, compassionate space for deep inner enquiry getting to the heart of your creative potential.


Conscious Connection

The power of awareness to manifest personal and professional growth to nurture a life of balance and fulfillment.


Earth Wisdom

Working for the well-being of our families, businesses, communities and the planet.

“May there be peace on earth and may it begin with myself.”

Sound immersion with the gong.
Jess is a master teacher. Whether you are enjoying a sound bath, yoga class or coaching session you will be transformed into blissful awareness.”
— Deanna E

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