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The WellSpring of Being Well

Working with Jess Lakin offers a Wellspring of holistic practices dedicated to your well-being, to bring health, balance and success in your personal and professional life.

Her integrative approach shares mind/body awareness and healing practices from the fields of Transformational Coaching, Psychology, Meditation, Yoga and Healing Traditions to support physical health, mental clarity, emotional balance, creativity, personal empowerment, spiritual well-being, relaxation & life balance.

Established on over 20 years of professional experience in Clinical Psychology (UK) and Holistic Healing Modalities, Jess offers empowering pathways and helpful tools to help you navigate an increasingly stressful world.

It is her joy and honor to support you on your path to well-being and success.


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Jess offers a range of services, including Personal Life Coaching/Mentorship, Women’s Circles, Parent Coaching, Yoga & Meditation Classes, Child & Adolescent Yoga, Energy Healing, Reiki and Sound Immersion.

Jess has been a guiding light for me, as she facilitates a space for me to come to my own clarity of what I want in my life and provides tools for me to manifest it all.

I now know that the time and money that I dedicate to my sessions with Jess is an investment in myself, and the world around me gets to benefit from my growth. I feel privileged to have access to her as one of my teachers.
— W.R.




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