Finding OM in Home

“Home is a state of being we carry within us.” These were some words shared with me shortly before setting out on a year long adventure across South America. They stayed with me throughout that year when I learnt I could make my home out of a bare room, complete with a run of fire ants, and a few basic belongings. It has stayed with me to this day, after several moves, across oceans and cities. And suddenly, i’m beginning to understand, home is a vibration that arises from within. For me it is associated with an expansive feeling of serenity, comfort and belonging. It is very similar to the feeling that arises from chanting the Sanskrit syllable OM. If we look closely, OM is actually nestled in the heart of h OM e.

In a sense, much of my work as a Holistic Coach and Yoga/Meditation Teacher is focussed on tapping into this vibration of ‘home’. While at essence it is an inner state of being, it is in a dynamic reciprocal dance with the physical spaces we inhabit. Our home and work environments are an extension of ourselves. Physical spaces hold the energies of the people and experiences that occur within them. Take a moment to reflect. When feeling cluttered and disheveled within your inner space, what do you notice about your home or work space? Compare this to when feeling clear and calm. Do you notice a difference?

I have found that working with the physical spaces we inhabit can provide a powerful portal through which to support personal and professional transformation. I offer blessings for home and work spaces using Reiki and Sound Immersion. It is akin to an energetic spring clean, and leaves the space and all those who come into it feeling clearer, fresher and rejuvenated. These blessings are particularly wonderful if you have recently moved into a new space or are stepping into a new beginning. They are also very helpful if you are looking to sell or rent a property.

A blessing can last between 1-2 hours, and involves meeting with me in the space. Together we first focus on establishing your intentions for the space and understanding a little about you and the space, before moving forward with the blessing.

If you’re interested to know more please contact me.

Jess Lakin